Texture paste plus embossing



Rub resist

Will my remant rubs are all used. However I did have this leftover rub on from – gosh I bet it’s- 10 years ago. I’ve wondered what to do with it so I figured why not try. It seem to be heat stable enough. And I’m thrilled

Micro glaze resist

This is my favorite stencils. And it’s true if I put this technique. I photographed to place once after the first sprain, and then I sprayed again and  partly heat-set it over the micro  glaze. No matter which way it’s pretty cool


Distress paint lifting technique

I only have two colors of  distress paint and I bought them both yesterday. This technique bags for several so it’s time to improvise. I had a couple small bottles of studio acrylic paint. One teal one pink. Plus my picket fence  distressed paint and a peacock feathers distress.   Since Tim said he looked at the technique of someone using a different paint I figured I could do both and it would work OK. It did. I love the technique it was a lot of fun.  Might look a little bit like an ice cream parlor on steroids because of the color scheme. But I think I doctor that up OK with a little distress ink over-the-top.


Hot mess technique

OK is really distressed wash water color but hot mess what’s more descriptive for me. It takes a little bit to develop the touch of using micro glaze. I don’t quite have it down as you can see where the dark blue wash really got into the image.  I went from pretty to hideous to not so great. My problems: 1 I really don’t have much stain. I have white a dark blue, an absent iced spruce  and metallic. Honestly not the best palette to pair with my pink and red roses. And I should have dried before the second  swipe because my paper became too saturated.  Cutting it down and adding a piece of paper over the ugliest bit helped . I also added perfect pearl mist  to give it a little bit of life.  I definitely need to try this again.


Distress highlight stamping.

I love the technique but I don’t love my version of the technique.  Basically you stamp in white and then you restamp in a bright distressed color which them pops off of a darker background.  So what this means is not only do you have to stamp straight , but you must do so twice.  Sure there are  handy grids help. I suspect they work better for people who have 3-D vision.

My first try was on black.  I stamped with white ink , white ink and over stamped with green and red, white ink filled with pain pen and then waterbrushed green ink (this one was best of the three.) Tried Kraft which was the actual assignment.  Much better results.  I stamped a sentiment in peacock feathers and then in picket fence and overstamped in peacock feathers.  And then re-did it a couple times to get it right. In my final version I used a large unmounted red rubber stamp. The stamp lay face up on the table. I iked it and placed my paper atop the stamp.   I partially lifted the paper, cleaned the stamp and reinked. I dropped the paper back on and press for my second impression.  This technical work a little better for me. The important facet for me is it has to be the first thing done. Because I can’t risk this as a final step.