Hot mess technique

OK is really distressed wash water color but hot mess what’s more descriptive for me. It takes a little bit to develop the touch of using micro glaze. I don’t quite have it down as you can see where the dark blue wash really got into the image.  I went from pretty to hideous to not so great. My problems: 1 I really don’t have much stain. I have white a dark blue, an absent iced spruce  and metallic. Honestly not the best palette to pair with my pink and red roses. And I should have dried before the second  swipe because my paper became too saturated.  Cutting it down and adding a piece of paper over the ugliest bit helped . I also added perfect pearl mist  to give it a little bit of life.  I definitely need to try this again.



1 thought on “Hot mess technique

  1. Suzanne Sonnel

    I hear you, it took a few tries before I succeeded with the micro glaze, even though our beloved teacher says to use just a small amount, I had to use more of the glaze than I thought to make it work. What a great class!!!


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