Distress highlight stamping.

I love the technique but I don’t love my version of the technique.  Basically you stamp in white and then you restamp in a bright distressed color which them pops off of a darker background.  So what this means is not only do you have to stamp straight , but you must do so twice.  Sure there are  handy grids help. I suspect they work better for people who have 3-D vision.

My first try was on black.  I stamped with white ink , white ink and over stamped with green and red, white ink filled with pain pen and then waterbrushed green ink (this one was best of the three.) Tried Kraft which was the actual assignment.  Much better results.  I stamped a sentiment in peacock feathers and then in picket fence and overstamped in peacock feathers.  And then re-did it a couple times to get it right. In my final version I used a large unmounted red rubber stamp. The stamp lay face up on the table. I iked it and placed my paper atop the stamp.   I partially lifted the paper, cleaned the stamp and reinked. I dropped the paper back on and press for my second impression.  This technical work a little better for me. The important facet for me is it has to be the first thing done. Because I can’t risk this as a final step.



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