Besties 3d challenge OMG

I’ve done several bestie challenges and I’ve not until today participated in the 3d challenge.   And today I remember why.   It’s cute but I despise cutting.  Love the coloring and the assembly was fun but the cutting took forever and harshed my joy.   There’s  a reason I have 8 die cut machines and its my deep loathing for scissors.   I know some folks that enjoy scissor work, who claim to find it relaxing.  Not me.  So I hope you enjoy this entry because its likely to be a long time before I succumb to the urge again.


My favorite 2 parts of the card:  The worms (which were okay to cut) and my second fish.  It’s 2 sided.  I flipped the image so when the fish turns its still complete.

(yeah that second fish cost me 8 fish cuts and I don’t want to tell you how many hours.)

securedownload (3)


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