Cards, or Finally, a way to use my stash

This cute valentine image is perfect for February.  I was stamping with my sister and she grabbed a big handful of pink markers while I went a different route.   I had come across of sheet of Bazzill chip toppers for years gone by that were languishing in my stash.  This one had a love theme.   (Usually in February I find my Halloween stash and the V-day remnants show up in July)  This time however, timing was on my side.  My markers weren’t quite as cooperative.  While I had some decent matches, I happened to be a bit thin in blending groups for those colors. Pretty much single markers but that’s okay.  I just made do.    After she was colored, I assembled a card.  I’m working out of satchel so my choices were limited.  White cardstock ruled the day.  I had a spellbinders white die cut that I colored to match.  Edged the image and card with a brown marker. Recolored my metal heart brad   Colored some MME stickers that have been sitting around for eons.  (The brown sticker was great but I didn’t want the deep cream background with my crisp white cardstock.  I used my same bg marker on it and it was lovely but a bit too green.  Taking a cue from that experiment I used b01 on the second cream backed sticker and it came a little closer. As I started laying out my stickers, I didn’t have a lot of room for the MME but I did need a little something at the bottom.  I hand cut two hearts from the newly colored sticker using the scallop in the sticker for the curved part of the hearts (which I would have butchered otherwise).  I joined them with a cut up chip topper.  My top sticker was far too much on the blue side of bg so a quick touch up with bg34 brought it back into the fold.  I thought it would be fun to add a metal conversation heart brad to her hair band but it was a little blue as well. Six seconds later, we had a match.  I added a piece of doily and then just needed a little bling.  I had my small Mark Richard’s pearls with me, so i pulled out my markers and colored them up.  ImageImage


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