Besties Challenge week ending 2/2/2014

Well the challenge proved more challenging that I thought it would.  Most all my supplies are tucked away in the studio and it was just too icky to drive over today.  Luckily, I have all my markers with me and just had to scrounge for the other bits.   I found a 1/4 a paper pack from 2011 in my dresser and grabbed the digistamp I’ve been planning to color.   I have to admit, it wasn’t the color scheme I first envisioned for the stamp, but needs must.      I like her.  I could use an extra YG but all in all, I’m pleased.   And what of the fancy folds?  Well I tried a pleated background, but with no scoring tools, it looked hideous.   I opted for a hand pleated rosette.

What I liked most about this project was using my color chart.  It gave me a quick match to my paper and what a great way that is to use up the stash.



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