House mouse challenge

You gotta love these little guys. And the card was made from your stash. I even cracked open some vintage metal eyelets (though it doesn’t have a hole so it’s not really an eyelet).


Substrate -emergency coke

You make think I’m rushing for a bit of cold caffeine but no.  Well, I did that too.  However, it was in the name of art.

I love the yummy products at Tim has. I put a couple on my shopping list. I’m not sure how I came out of the class was such a big list but one list is already ordered and  another mid-composed. Am I alone in that? I hope not. I love the mini clipboards. People been doing flip porch for a long time but so many of them are impossible to disassemble. These are fabulous. But that does little good for today’s challenge.

What to use for a non cardstock background?   When I have nothing else interesting I grab a Coke can. They cut with regular scissors but you do have to be careful. Cut about a half inch from the top on the flat cylinder part. Cut the top off down the length of the can and around to cut the bottom off. The metal wants to curl until you truly flatten it you can run it through your diecut machine without a cutter just to flatten it. You can really do this before or after you cut a shape. Cutting the shape it’s really important.  white  it doesn’t buffer file away sharp edges, it does get rid of all the nasty bits and makes it a lot safer to handle. It embosses like a dream.  My fluorescents make it hard to see just how lovely it is.  Honestly the alcohol inks were so prettier pre embossing I almost wish I had left it.  I used a bit of peacock feathers and picket fence paint and then walnut steam over the paint to change up the texture.



Splattered floral 2.

This time I remembered to create a couple of backgrounds. Definitely lighter and more ethereal.

I didn’t have a can of compressed air.  I didn’t have a straw handy either. I do however have a little airbrush machine. Certainly not as strong a puff as compressed air can but it still works nicely and I like the effect.

Splatter floral one

Well I forgot to do the background first. And the white was too stark against it. So I just kept on working the project. It got a little in heavy. And it might be a bit of a mess. But there are aspects of it that I really really like. I’m going to try again and do the background this time.